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HMP Revision Worksheet
Written Content
1. - Length: most good, needs some work
- Does content build on dominant impression? Most pages do build on dominant impression because everything we talked about focuses on his success.
- It builds the dominant impression well because throughout our written content we talk about different aspects of success throughout his life.
- How could it be better? Add links, add pictures, add videos
2. - Is it too long: no
- How could information be broken up into manageable chunks of information? Break paragraphs into smaller paragraphs, add pictures and/or visualizations
3. - paragraph structure is good, some need to be either slimmed down or moved to new pages
4. - need to work on citations within pages

Visual Design and Structure
1. - need to upload pictures and visualizations
- No conflicts with font or images
2. - We need to insert more pics and color
- work on using color, images
3. - The navigation tools are easy to use
- The names of the topics reflect what we talk about in our content
- Make things flow better