Place reflection writing on call to write reading on profiles.

Austin Bagley
March 25, 2010

A profile is devoted to describing and analyzing people and places. For example in the profile I Just Wanna Be Average, Mike Rose goes and describes four different people from his school years. These four people were people that he Mike Rose became friends with in school. He talks about how they were different in the way that they handled school and the school work. Also, in the profile by Paul Buhle on Mike Alewitz who was a mural painter. Buhle goes to describe how Alewitz went to college but then dropped out and started to become a painter. Buhle describes very well what kind of person that Alewitz was by describing the kinds of murals that he painted and where he painted them at. And in the profile by Molly O’Neill on Dr. Love, O’Neill mostly describes the kind of person that Dr. Love is and how she went about doing her job as a surgeon on breast cancer, and how she was different than other practitioners.
Making a profile involves being descriptive in the way that you write about someone or something. Being descriptive in the way that you write is important but also using pictures to help with making a descriptive profile. For example, in the profile Cancer Alley: The Poisoning Of The American South, Richard Misrach does a very good job at using good photos of places that are run-down and full of pollution to make the Dominant Impression very noticeable. Also, Jason Berry does a good job at using text in the profile to make a good relationship between the pictures and the writing. The writing does not just explain the pictures, they co-exist to make the Impression of the profile.
Dominant impression is basically the writer’s personal point-of-view. It is also a particular and coherent sense of its subject. For example in Molly O’Neill’s profile on Dr. Love, O’Neill doesn’t state and then support a main idea, but the profile does effectively conveys a dominant impression of Dr. Love because the information, description, scenes, conversations, and quotes vividly and consistently contribute to this impression.

Allan Venegas

A profile is a representation of something outline. It is a set of data describing people and places. In the profile Insurgent Images: Mike Alewitz, Muralist. Paul Buhle emphasizes Mike work as a muralist using cultural and historical background. Also, in the profile A surgeon's war on Breast Cancer by Moly O'neill, Molly describes Dr. Susan M. Love as a person and as a professional surgeon on breast cancer. And in the profile I just wanna be average by Mike Rose. He talks about three friends with diffrent goals in life, these friends are from his school years​. He descrbes these friends in detail, and doing so, he tries to show the problems in American schooling.

To make a profile you need to have all the informatin to be descriptive, showing evidnce to support your min idea. Also you need pictures or images to be more effective and enjoyable to your audience to read.